Welcome to our Blogger of the Month interview for March! Each month we’ll be interviewing a different Cotswold Blogger who’ll be sharing the story of how they got into blogging, their top tips and their Cotswolds favourites. And this month’s blogger is Steph, who shares her dog-friendly adventures with her gorgeous spaniels Severus and Lily on her blog Steph and the Spaniels.

Welcome Steph, tell us about yourself and your blog

I’m Steph, I’ve been blogging for almost nine years now. My blog has changed over the years, and is very much settled on a lifestyle and dog-friendly blog now. The blog is just my hobby, as my day job is a veterinary nurse.

How did you come to be living in the Cotswolds?

We’re based in Wiltshire, so just on the outskirts of the Cotswolds, meaning we visit a lot as it’s so easy, so pretty and so dog-friendly.

What are five of your favourite spots in the Cotswolds?

We love Dog House pet shop (in Bradford on Avon), visiting the Slaughters for the perfect photos, staying at Log House Holidays for the most amazing pet-away, having a walk about Bourton-on-the-Water and eating at Timbrells Yard.

How did you get started in blogging?

My friend started a blog and a Twitter account, as I followed her on Twitter I soon started to see the community.

What’s the best bit about being a blogger and your biggest blogging frustration?

The opportunities we get from it and the way it lets me be creative are the best bit. The comings and goings of new blogs are a frustration, it’s hard to stick to it at times, but being in it from the start is so important.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting a blog?

I wrote a whole blog post about starting a dog blog, but making sure you give it enough time and effort. Doing it half-heartedly won’t work, but it’s also so important to do it for yourself and not for the wrong reasons.

What blogging tools can’t you blog without?

My camera is a big one, as I am a photographer and blog and Insta images are a huge part of our ‘brand’, and also my laptop to actually write.

Which other blogs do you love to read?

So many, I adore lifestyle blogs that feature dogs too, travel blogs and blogs with amazing imagery.

What’s next for you?

Getting the same and more brand work and travel experience, moving forward and showcasing dog friendly at it’s best.

Thanks Steph (and Severus and Lily) for being our March blogger of the month!

You can follow their adventures at Steph and the Spaniels or in Instagram – Steph and Severus and Lily